About Us

Welcome to the Moccasin Identifier™, an Indigenous-led initiative dedicated to weaving a deeper understanding of Canada’s rich Treaty history into the fabric of our nation. Through the symbol of Indigenous moccasins, we aim to connect all Canadians—rooted and newly planted—to the land beneath our feet and the Treaties that bind us. Our vision is to Cover Canada in Moccasins, each pair a testament to our shared responsibilities and the steps we must take toward reconciliation.

Our Mission

At the heart of the Moccasin Identifier™ is education and place-knowing, designed to engage Canadians of all ages. The Moccasin Identifier™ mission is to educate everyone from preschoolers to professionals on Treaties through educational presentations, promoting public awareness about Indigenous culture through MI™ site installations, and developing a network of knowledge for the benefit of Truth and Reconciliation.


Our Objectives

Cultural Shift: We are committed to catalyzing a cultural shift across Canada, starting with our youngest minds. Through the distribution of our accessible educational kits, we aim to illuminate the history of Treaties for children, nurturing a generation of informed Treaty people.

Significant Indigenous Sites: Our coordinated branding program marks significant Indigenous sites across Canada, elevating public awareness and appreciation for these sacred spaces.

Building Partnerships: We are actively seeking and forming partnerships with communities and organizations, fostering a network of support, understanding, and engagement towards the common goal of reconciliation.

Knowledge Network: Our initiative strives to create a vibrant network of knowledge on Treaties, bridging the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians and restoring harmony through shared understanding and respect.

Advancing Truth and Reconciliation - 94 Calls to Action

The Moccasin Identifier is more than an educational program; it is a commitment to advance the 10 Principles of Reconciliation. We believe in the power of collaboration and support, and are dedicated to forging meaningful partnerships that can bring these principles to life. Through our collective efforts, we envision a future where every Canadian recognizes their role as a Treaty person, contributing to a nation built on respect and shared stewardship of the land.