Moccasins connect us to the earth as they touch the ground; they showcase Indigenous diversity in their design; and are a culturally appropriate symbol, unique to Indigenous peoples. In this way, they reflect Indigenous responsibilities to the land, and are a reminder that Indigenous people have walked here since time immemorial, as the traditional guardians of the land.

Yes we do! Although we can have a waiting list, it is best to reach out to our administration to coordinate the details, including date, audience, location, etc.

You can order a kit online here, on our website, or you can always purchase one in person at an event that the MI is attending.

The Moccasin Identifier has a fee structure available here on this website.

The Moccasin Identifier will be offering Train the Trainer events, where you can become a certified Moccasin Identifier Ambassador. Please reach out to us directly for more information on this initiative.

The Moccasin Identifier intends to develop secondary content in 2024. Please reach out to us directly for a status update on this initiative. 

The Moccasin Identifier is always seeking out new partnerships. Please reach out to our Strategic partnerships coordinator to learn about next steps.

The Moccasin Identifier offers four types of installations that include small, medium and large options. Please refer to the Installations section of our website for more information. The first step is to reach out to us, complete a survey and then book a meeting to discuss and explore opportunities! We look forward to working with you soon!

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