MI Installations

The Moccasin Identifier™ is an initiative aimed at reshaping Canada’s landscape by fostering a deeper understanding of Indigenous relationship to the land. For hundreds of years, Indigenous presence has been deliberately erased from our collective consciousness. Now, The Moccasin Identifier™ seeks to restore harmony by covering Canada in moccasins, symbolizing a commitment to acknowledging and honouring everyone’s Treaty responsibilities. Our installations serve as powerful reminders of the Territories we inhabit, work on, and play in, prompting individuals to cultivate mutually respectful relationships with Indigenous communities. By partnering and investing in The Moccasin Identifier™, organizations can align themselves with a movement dedicated to promoting cultural awareness, environmental stewardship, and the advancement of Indigenous rights and reconciliation.


Moccasin Identifier™ installations span four categories, offering organizations and institutions diverse opportunities to engage in this transformative project: 

  • Go (e.g. transportation infrastructure such as bridges and highways, transit hubs etc.); 
  • Urban (e.g. urban environments, libraries, corporations, municipalities etc.); 
  • Green (e.g. green spaces, parks, trails and conservation areas, rivers, valleys, shorelines etc.); and 
  • Education (e.g. educational institutions, where students of all ages can learn about Indigenous histories and responsibilities as Treaty People). 


Join us in covering Canada in Moccasins and building a future where Indigenous histories and relationships to the land are celebrated and honored. By supporting The Moccasin Identifier™, organizations can play a vital role in shaping a more inclusive and respectful society for current and future generations. Together, let us walk the path towards reconciliation, one moccasin at a time.